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More from Rick Ross interview for Dazed & Confused. 

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"When I shoot, I am photographing because what is in front of me is really happening and I want people to know about it. I fall in love with the beauty of an expression, or turn of a collar, a poignant gesture, the light. I don’t know these people except suddenly with a camera we have an intense relationship… the picture is proof. Its about paying attention. I have a large beautiful wooden camera. I am a quick talker, I can convince people in a few seconds because I am sincerely interested in them, but I am really interested more in capturing what I see in them. It’s not that I want to be their friend, it’s that I see their life and it is amazing and I want to put it in an image. It’s a short but deep connection. Then I go back to being alone but have one more lightening bug in a bottle. One more piece of evidence as to who we are."

Judith Joy Ross (from an interview in Ahorn Magazine)

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